The Team
Daniel Feltey
Daniel Feltey - Idea Man, Algorithm Coding
Dan is a 23 year old programmer living in Anchorage Alaska with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago. He is interested in the theory of programming languages, particularly the design and implementation of functional programming languages, in the near future he hopes to attend grad school for computer science allowing him to study programming languages in greater depth. He currently spends his time volunteering with the Bartlett High School Robotics Team as a programming mentor. Read his blog here.
Lance Ahern
Lance Ahern - Mentor, Planner
Founder, Internet Alaska (1994) and Fort Nocs (1998) At Internet Alaska, he created the first and largest Alaska ISP. He grew the business in three years to $6M revenue, 26,000 customers, and 75 full-time employees and established a key strategic investment and relationship with ATU, the local ILEC. Recruited and developed the management, technical and customer service teams. Acquired and integrated two competitors. At Fort Nocs, formed a startup to provide secure online payment and related services. Set the overall technical platform and product direction. Provided initial funding for FNI, which was invited to join the Panasonic Incubator (Cupertino, CA) in October 1999. FNI received $1.5 M in funding from outside angel sources. Closed FNI due to a lack of future funding in December 2000. As Data Center Manager at NTT/Verio, he oversaw turn-up of NTT/Verio’s flagship (130,000 sq ft) Premier Data Center in Silicon Valley. Managed staff of 17 technical and business professionals. As CIO for Anchorage, he am responsible for the consolidation of IT and the integration of multiple business units during a time of extreme budget shortfalls. LinkedIn
Eric Menze
Eric Menze - Application Developer, Code-Monkey
He writes code for fun. Sometimes in his sleep or in the shower. Any method of andrenaline production has been tried, including Parkour, drifting, and cliff-diving.
Stefanie Gunderson
Stefanie Gunderson - Marketing and Social Media Queen
She likes food, the color green, she's Irish and can drink you under the table. P.S. she loves to travel - plane tickets, anyone? A self-proclaimed Jane of all trades, master of none… Stef is a recent transplant to Anchorage from Oregon where she studied Biology and French at the University of Oregon. From an early age she was constantly creating and working her own businesses to earn a little extra cash, it was always something new. Stef has helped start several types of businesses in her adult life; a non-profit animal rescue, a currently on-hold (due to relocating) handmade jewelry/art business, and a pet store back in 2002 which is still going strong. In her free time she likes to dabble in just about anything; traveling, baking, dancing, writing, reading, jewelry making, building and flying RC Airplanes, anything outdoors (really), playing music, eating, animal rescue, tinkering so on and so forth. The most important thing to remember is that she really loves the colour green, animals and insects of all kinds, and isn’t remotely opposed to anyone willing to donate plane tickets to a great destination.